About Me

Patrick Roberto.  I am a world citizen based out of Maui, Hawaii.  I have lived all over North America in search of what all the world has to offer me.   I paint pictures with a camera.  I have creative eye, but I don’t have the skill to transfer what I see from my eyes to my hand.  Hence, my camera is my paintbrush.

I had a Myspace blog way back in the mid 2000s but anyone who knew me back then who still knows me today knows that I have changed dramatically over the last fifteen years and I am in no way the same person today as I was back then.

In the last decade, I have moved four times to four different places.  I went from Austin to Los Angeles to Toronto to Honolulu to Kona.  Each place that I moved to changed me a little bit, and I took that change with me to the next place.  As a result, I have a unique personality that is a mix of all those places.

In the last ten years, my introverted nature has become a lot more apparent.  I had reservations about having another blog because I take my privacy very seriously and I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would be with putting myself out there.  Then I thought about the fact that the longer time passes, the harder it is to remember certain things.  Things that I don’t necessarily want to forget.  In the next fifty years, if I’m fortunate enough to still be around, I would like to able to look back on my life with a smile and talk about what a great ride it has been.  And if I can look back on my blog and reminisce on all the memories that I would have otherwise forgotten, then I think it’s worth putting myself out there once again.

WORK:  Full time government worker/public servant for the State of Hawaii.  Part time photographer/full time hobbyist, world traveler.

EDUCATION:  University of Louisiana at Monroe, Monroe, LA; Seneca College Newnham Campus, Toronto, ON

HOBBIES:  Photography, travelling, eating out, movies, tennis, etc

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