Australia, Part 2: Brisbane/Gold Coast

After several days of driving, Dan, Dave and I arrived in Brisbane from MacKay.  The next few days were spent hanging around the Brisbane and Gold Coast area.

Gold Coast



They dropped me off in the city after I found out that Brooks, a guy I know from Honolulu, happened to be in Brisbane.  After walking around for a couple of hours taking pictures, I met up with Brooks at his hotel and we hung out for the rest of the day.

Later in the afternoon, we walked to a mall who’s name I never actually caught, but it was large with indoor and outdoor stores.  We walked into a few camera stores just by the off-chance that I could take advantage of the favorable USA/Australian dollar exchange rate and get a discount off some camera gear, but I didn’t end up buying anything.

At night, Brooks, one of this co-workers and I hung out in his hotel room drinking wine before walking across the street to a local bar and pub for dinner.  I had already broken all my health rules on the trip buy eating fast food and drinking soda, so I had a nice big chicken burger and fries for dinner.  It was great.  I should have ordered two.



I walked around the city center in the morning while I waited for Dan and Dave to pick me back up.  Brisbane is an alright city.  Nothing overtly unique about it but not bad either.

After they picked me up, we made our way about an hour south to Gold Coast.

Gold Coast is a really cool place.  Vibrant with a fantastic coastline.  We settled down at Surfer’s Paradise with some drinks on the beach.  Before drinking, Dave and I did a thirty minute jog along the coastline.  While on our jog, we noticed a blowfish had washed up on shore.  By the slim chance that it might have still been alive, we moved it back into the water.  Moving it wasn’t easy because of the sharp spines on its body.  We had to roll it along the ground using sand as a buffer between the fish and our hands.  One of its spines still managed to stick me but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

A little later after a couple drinks, I walked along the shoreline again taking pictures.  Surfer’s Paradise reminds me a little bit of Waikiki beach but cleaner and with less homeless people.


In the evening, we hung out at Starbucks in order to charge our devices.  I also did some walking around to get some night shots of the city.  After Starbucks, we drove back to Brisbane where we stayed at the house of one of Dan’s friends.  She was a nice lady but her name escapes me.


We got up in the morning and drove back to Gold Coast to hang out for the day.  Dan and Dave hung out at the same spot as the day before while I walked to the Skypoint Observation Deck at the Q1 residential tower. The view from up there is phenomenal.  I spent a couple hours up there taking pictures.

I was still up on the observation deck at lunch time so I had a burger and fries from the café up there.  The food was delicious.

Closer to the late afternoon while Dan was exploring the area, Dave and I sat down on the beach for a drink and watched the sunset.  The sun went down behind the city but it was still a cool sight.  After watching the sun go down, we walked to Starbucks and played on our devices until we met back up with Dan.

After we dinner we drove back to Dan’s friend’s house in Brisbane.  I drove part of the way back because Dave needed a break from driving.  I was happy to do it and I enjoyed it, though commuting through Brisbane is a bit confusing because the street signs don’t always match the directions given by the GPS.


Dave and I woke up early while Dan slept in and drove to a hardware store because Dave needed to fix something in the house.  While we were out, we picked up some breakfast at Hungry Jacks.  Hungry Jacks is basically Burger King under a different name.  Same menu.  Same products.

After we were all awake and washed up.  We drove back to the Gold Coast area but this time we went to Burleigh Beach.  Burleigh Beach is visible in the distance from Skypoint.  It’s a calmer and quieter beach when compared to Surfer’s Paradise.

After we got to the beach and settled on a spot.  I went walking around with the camera again.  Just north of the beach is a small observation deck where you get a view of Gold Coast in the distance.  The view is fantastic.


After, I walked the whole length of the beach.  The beach itself is longer than it looks but it’s ok.  I enjoyed the exercise.

We spent most of the day hanging out drinking on the beach.  Good times.

For dinner, we drove back to Gold Coast and walked to a food court in town.  I got a pizza while Dave got Indian food.  We sampled each others food when we sat down to eat.  Both our meals were really good.  I love that I have a diverse taste in food.  I don’t know how some people can be such picky eaters that they never try anything new.

After dinner, we drove back to Brisbane to the same place we stayed at the previous two nights.


It was my last day hanging out with Dan and Dave.  I had a flight to catch in the early afternoon and they had to drop me off at Brisbane airport.  I am greatful to know them.  Who would have thought that something good would come out from working at the Barn.  I am greatful that I got to hang out with them in Australia, and I hope that I’ll get to vacation wth them again one day.





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