Australia, Part 3: Sydney

Sydney was actually the first place I flew into when I landed in Australia.  I had an eighteen hour layover before flying to MacKay to meet Dan and Dave.  After they dropped me off at the Airport in Brisbane, I flew back to Sydney for two days.

It was dark already when I landed in Sydney and with an eighteen hour layover, I didn’t want to stay at the airport.  I figured I would try to make the best of every moment, so I ventured out for the night and returned to the airport the following day.  I checked into a hostel near Kings Cross station and then went out to explore the area.  Sydney is modern city and as a result, it lacks some the the unique charactater exhibited in older cities like Tel Aviv, but it was still a cool place.

After returning to Sydney a week later, I made my way back to the same area I stayed in my first night.  I took public transportation to the city center because conventional wisdom says that it’s usually cheaper to do that than taking a cab.  I stayed in a cheap motel with a bed and a bathroom.  That’s really all I needed since I didn’t plan on spending much time in the room anyway.  I ended up doing a lot of walking over the two days I was in Sydney.

The same night that I returned to Sydney, I went out on Oxford St to a bar called ARQ Nightclub.  It was fun.  Though I’m not the clubber I once was, I’m glad I can still go out from time to time and enjoy myself.  No pictures of the club.

The following morning, I got on the Sydney Train and made my way over to Bondi Beach.  It’s a beautiful area with a lot of character.  I can dig it.  Like Burleigh Beach near Gold Coast, Bondi is longer than it looks.  I spent a good amount of time walking from one end of the beach to the other.

After the beach, I started walking back to the train station but stopped at the Westfield mall first.  There is a Westfield Mall next to Beverly Hills in Century City so the mall itself wasn’t anything new to me, but it was a good place to sit down and rest for a bit after having done so much walking.

View from the Mall

After the mall, I jumped back on the train and got off at Circular Quay station.  From there, its another walk to the Sydney Opera House.  It’s a cool building.  It’s also bigger in person than it looks in the media.  I can only imagine what it looks like on the inside.

At night, I wanted to go out on Oxford St again but all the clubs were asking for a cover charge and I am kind of past the point where I pay money just to get into a bar.  So I went and had a drink in my room instead.

The following morning.  I woke up and got back on the train to North Sydney.  My goal was to catch a panoramic shot of the Sydney skyline.  North Sydney is quiet and less crowded than Sydney proper.  The view from across the water is great.  Too bad I didn’t have enough time for a night shot.

It was getting into the later afternoon and it was getting to be time for me to get to the airport for my flight back to Hawaii.  So after I got my pictures from North Sydney, I got on the train to the airport.

Back in the mid 2000s, when I was debating weather I wanted to move to Canada or Australia, I never did get the chance to visit Australia before I made my decision.  A part of me wondered if I made the right decision to go to Canada.  After having finally gone to Australia, I can confidently say that even though Australia is a great place, I made the right decision in choosing Canada…..and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I may even still decide to move to Australia one day.  Real estate in Gold Coast was nowhere near as expensive as I would have thought.  Combine that with a favorable USA/AUD exchange rate….and what’s to say I couldn’t have a vacation home there.  We’ll see what happens.





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